Rajnandini Apartments

Project Location: Maligaon, Assam.
Project Status: Ongoing
Project Cost: INR 8 Crores.
Site Area:  1873 SQ.M
Built Up Area: 3750 SQ.M

Rajnandini is designed with the principles of simplicity and minimalism, thus offering a timeless classic. The warm and earthy colors complement the sophisticated design and create a signature statement. In Rajnandini, what we as architects have attempted to create is a living environment that is light, airy, engaging and giving a strong sense of place.
Client’s ambition to create a community that is close knit, with abundant access for Natural elements into every space drove the design from the day pen met paper. As architects it gave us the freedom to express the design and exterior character in a unique way, combining modern elements with a hint of tradition. Each unit plan has been closely scrutinized to achieve high space efficiency while still respecting Vastu principles. We are glad that client have been meticulously involved in designing the project with us to ensure every home is a pleasure to live in.

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